Miss Virginia's Mission House is a food pantry located at 1312 S Hanna St, the former home of Virginia Schrantz. Prior to her death, Virginia had her home incorporated under the name Inner City Hope Corp to enable her "mission" to continue as a not-for-profit agency.
With an all volunteer staff, Miss Virginia's  food pantry continues to distribute food to all those in need in Allen County, Indiana.
Inner City Hope Corporation                                                                        .
        Board Members:
President - Chris Sluyter, Pres Turnkey Services
Vice President - Robert Meyer CPA, retired DWD
Sec/Treasurer - Mary Osborn, retired accountant
House Director - Joe Miller, retired Ft W school sys
Leon Youngpeter - retired Ft Wayne school system
Tony Henry - Deer Park Pub Proprietor
Justin Craker - 5 Star Distributing Inc Sales Mgr
 Pat Turner - Independent Contractor